Derailment and Natural Disaster Cleanup

Train Derailment and Natural Disaster Cleanup

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. When a fast-moving locomotive derails, it can take weeks to clean up. Freight cars frequently end up buried under fallen trees and broken limbs. This debris must be carefully but quickly removed to allow investigators access and cars to be removed or returned to the tracks.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes have very similar results, with downed trees, branches, and debris making the tracks impassable and unsafe. Railroads are the backbone of product and energy transportation. With unmatched fuel efficiency, trains move over $170 billion in freight every year. Core essentials such as grains, coal, and ore are staples of our food and energy supplies.

When an emergency strikes, be it a tornado, hurricane, or train derailment, it is essential to communities and businesses to get the railroad tracks cleared as fast as possible.

Cedar Beetle has the necessary equipment to handle derailment cleanup and track clearing after an emergency, getting you back on the tracks again faster. We use our nimble saw truck and bucket truck to begin clearing fallen trees and branches allowing for better, faster access for larger lifting vehicles to return cars to the tracks. Dozers, barkos, and chippers assist in removing any debris obstructing the tracks, allowing for safe passage again after an emergency.