Fire Risk Management Services


Fire risk management services

Bader Rail has fire risk management reduction methods that work. Live and dead growth, debris, tumbleweeds, etc. can create a major fire hazard to wooden railway bridges, trestles, box culverts and other track carrying structures.

In the southern United States, where local temperatures can reach triple-digit highs, the additional heat generated by the friction of passing train wheels can cause track temperatures to rise to dangerous heights, potentially igniting nearby grasses and weeds that can act as kindling for rapidly moving wildfires. Not only is this a highly dangerous situation for local communities and wildlife, but these fires can easily spread to the oil preserved timbers used to form the foundation of railroad bridges and trestles, causing them to catch fire and destroy the underlying support system for the train tracks.
We have the right equipment to remove any growth or debris that could be a potential fire danger. Our heavy-duty skid steers cut away grasses and woody plants. HiRail excavators reach up to 35 feet to remove dead branches and vines overhanging the area. HiRail Bucket trucks and hand crews use chainsaws and weed eaters in tighter spaces and around timbers to remove fire hazards.

Fire Risk Management SERVICES

Our operators and hand crews are experienced, well trained for safety and dependable.

We are fully insured and have excellent references.