Hi-Rail Brush Cutting

Hi-Rail Brush Cutting and On Track FRA Defect Services

Overgrowth of vegetation along the railroad lines can present a dangerous environment for operators, communities, and wildlife. Bader Rail helps you keep your lines clear of foliage and debris to discourage grazing animals and subsequent predators from approaching the train tracks. A free and clear track line prevents overhang from striking the train and enables both operators and inspectors to observe rolling stock. Keeping the Rail line clear also enhances visibility for outside observers such as pedestrians and transients, reducing accidents, collisions, and fatalities.

Let our expert team help clear your on track Federal Railroad Administration Defects. Our HiRail Excavators make quick work of tree branches and larger brush. Our on track saw trucks have a reach of 75 feet giving you complete floor to sky ROW clearing. Commercial herbicide application from our on rail sprayers covers the entire right of way in a single pass, preventing fresh growth of weeds and grasses to maintain a barrier of vegetarian control around the tracks.