Railroad Signal Clearing


railroad signal clearing line of sight for train operators

There are a lot of reasons why railroad signal clearing services are important. Obstruction of the visibility of railroad signs and signals can be a significant concern for train operators and the surrounding areas and communities that they serve. Both Cab Signaling and Track Signaling require a clear line to the broadcasting unit to be effective. Overgrowth of vegetation along the railroad tracks can cause false signal indications and/or disrupt communications vital to safe train operation. This could lead to major safety issues and a citation from the Federal Railroad Administration.

Bader Rail uses a combination of brush cutting equipment to remove overgrowth and keep the signals and line of sight open. Our knowledgeable staff will assess your needs and situation to recommend the best combination of equipment and services to clear your FRA defects fast. Our HiRail Excavators are outfitted with cutting/mulching heads capable of removing trees up to 60” in diameter and have up to a 35’ reach. Saw Trucks trim back and remove higher branches in tight spaces like around utility lines, while our hand crew uses chainsaws and weed eaters to clear near more delicate equipment like signal boxes and posted signs.


Our operators and hand crews are experienced, well trained for safety and dependable.

We are fully insured and have excellent references.